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The rest of my life so far...

Years after The rest of my life so far went offline, I got the urge to check in on old blogs I used to read—voices that used to get me through my work day. Many of these are gone, platforms taken down, or not updated. I found myself distressed at the open-endedness of it all. What happened to them? I wondered. What, since I last posted, has happened to me?


I am getting an MFA in Fiction, working with people who are generous, witty and kind. So if you've missed me, I'm here. If you've googled "The rest of my life so far..." or "", I am here. I still have a pair of chucks (although they are grey and not red). I still scribble in journals. I still writing about life, just differently.

If you are one of those bloggers who used to get me through my day: thank you. Our moment has past, but it was a darn good moment. Without your bravery, and your vulnerability, I wouldn't be the writer that I am today.


Michelle Thomas


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